All you need to know about IP Is one of the IP addresses that is used by the businesses for their inside private networks. The routers have the main IP address and use this one as a client gateway to the server. It’s a kind of subset that is used in IP for the clients to log in and access the information, services and more information. It helps in avoiding any network conflict and lets the clients communicate with business proficiently. On the other hand, it’s the best way to keep the internal and external communication specified.

Uses of

The router login is one of the safe and easy options that let you access some of the efficient options available there. The login is used to access IP QoS, DNS and Proxy Settings, WPS, LAN, WAN and WLAN Settings, DHCP, MAC Address, and PPPoE. Here are some simple uses for these options:

IP QoS – it let’s to set the bandwidth for the computers that help to avoid heavy loads on the server while multiple systems are working

WPS – makes the wireless communication options secure, faster and efficient for the system

DNS and Proxy Settings – the IP helps to manage the DNS and the proxy settings to avoid direct access to the IP address. It helps to overwrite the IP address to secret the identification.

MAC Address – lets you connect the hardware devices in the network with some unique names and codes. It can be identified only by the internal manager.

DHCP – it’s a dynamic host configuration protocol that lets the server to assign different address automatically with a sequence. It does not require a person to do it manually or monitor it all the time.

How to login into

To login into, you need to reach the login page in the first place. It is quite easy and simple. Open your browser and type in the search bar. By entering the query you will be directed to the login page.

Once you are on the login page, enter the credentials and you are all set to look into the router network settings.

Login Username and Passwords

Router Name Model Admin Name Password Device Type
BEC 7300 GT Manual Admin admin Modem
Edimax AR-7064Sg+A Admin epicrouter
Belkin P74476au Admin Password
Fu Chan FC-AL2011PW Admin Epicrouter Access point
Billion 7000 Admin Epicrouter
Billion 7000 Admin Epicrouter
Fu Chan FC-AL2014PW Admin Epicrouter Access point
Celeno VXT 1300 Manual Access point, bridge
Gemtek WHRTC-100GW admin admin Router
JAHT WAM-4054P Admin Epicrouter Modem
TRENDnet TPL-111BR Manual admin Admin Wireless router
WebExcel PT-3808 Admin Epicrouter
WebExcel PT-3812 Admin Epicrouter
Well Communication AWR-8210 Manual Admin Epicrouter Access point, dsl modem
Zoom 5590 Manual Admin Zoomadsl Modem
Zoom 5590C Manual admin Zoomadsl Wireless router, dsl modem


Router Name Password Username
Netgear Login admin epicrouter
Aztech Login admin epicrouter
D-link Login admin admin

Forgetting the login passwords seems to be normal problems we can have so to avoid such issues the best way is to keep it safe and stored in a file, phone or any dairy. In case you are not able to access the password, you can reset the router password.
Unable to login – forgot password

There is a reset button on your router, press and hold the button for about 30 seconds and it will reset the settings to factory restore. Now, you can log in to the router by using default router credentials. You can find the default username and password in the details of your package.