If you are using WI-FI at your home, you must have been using this unique IP address This IP address comes in use more than once and must learn using it to manage our router. This IP is used to access the router’s admin panel or management interface. When you type this address in the search bar, this takes to the router’s management interface. You provide the login details and manage the router’s WI-FI and its different features and function.

The most used features of managing a router using are troubleshooting network, Mac filter, Adding restriction and look at all connected devices.

Everyone uses WI-FI at home these days. The WI-FI password most of the time reveals and neighbors get the rightest use of it. You must be wondering about changing it. But, you do not know using the Router. Just wait for a little, and we walk through to make you learn the very basis of the router.

What is

This is most commonly used private IP address and uses for the local Area networks. As per the estimates, about 4 billion IP address in the iPV4 is communicating right now, and we can think about that, owing to this IP address the private network is not collapsed it.

If you are a novice and had not used or logged into the router’s administration panel before, you should be careful. The settings can be reverted with one wrong tap an entire network collapse.

What we do with

This is the most commonly used private IP address. This address takes us to the router’s administrator page and using it one can set up the features and make the router use. Some most commonly used configuration is mentioned, you must not roll-on these features right now, first learn them and after that have your hands onto them.

  • DSL
  • PPOE
  • DHCP Client
  • IP QoS
  • DNS and proxy
  • Network management
  • LAN, WAN AND WLAN settings
  • Networking security
  • Network encryption

How to Login

Login using this IP will not be an issue. If you know the login details, logging into the device would not halt an issue. Follow these lines and see how you take this forward.

  • Type into the address bar of the browser and hit the enter button.
  • It will take you to the management interface or admin panel if you have put the zeros and periods right. I have seen people using 10.0.0 1, 10.0 0.1 and 10 0.0 1 all looks the same but in actuality, they are not.
  • Here you need to provide the username and password. If you do not know the password, you can have it here in the table.
  • Just provide your router’s name, and the table will tell you about the default admin password and user name.

Add table here

  • And if you know the password with a user name, you will be directed to the management screen.

If the login screen is not being opened, like, there is something not working, this means you have made the same mistake what we have mentioned above.  You provided the wrong address; please look carefully every zero and one followed by a period, except the last.

What if you are not getting the password right?

This is one of the most common issues what most of the users face. They change the username and password and forget that. If you have not changed the password and using it the very first time, you can get it from the back of the device.

If you have changed it, then you must follow the instructions.

If you do not know the password and have checked the default values and they are not working for the device, you will have to reset the device.

Resetting the device will go it into the default mode and you can access that using the default values.

All routers’ providers have technical data sheets with the information if you are not seeing them on the back of the device. All lists are available free and you can search on Google to get them.

Now, restore the router’s info to the original default values. Find the reset button, and press it to hold for some seconds. You need to press hold the button for at least ten seconds. The device will get restored and change the settings to the default values.

Once you get to this, provide the default values and enter into the admin panel

This was the simplest way to get into the router’s administration panel. About all devices shares the same process. The default values can be different, and if you want to get them, just search them on Google.

The Important thing will be using the administration rights. Getting into the panel is not that issue, using the features inside it, is a pain in the neck. Very first time, when you use it, it takes time and sometime you can spoil the entire network.

Restoring the device will rinse all changes in the device. If you have done something, you do not understand, use this feature as many time as you want.